Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The MIssion

That's an outline of the epic mission the went through this past Sunday. Hands down, it was the most stressful day of my entire life. Ten hours on bus/train from LA to SF with backpack and suitcase at hand. Not having a cell phone really fucked up my day as a bomb threat messed up all the public transportation in Frisco. (Some idiot decided to walk in the tunnels with suspicion of carrying a bomb). That's only the beginning of the longest day in my lifetime. Stress can really make your body do abnormal things that you would never think of doing. I tried to relax but homeless people smoking crack right next to me didn't not help(no joke). At one point I made a friend with a 35 year old Asian man who didn't speak English. Sign language can come a long way as he directed me to the airport for shelter for the night. I took over 15 buses all together and 7 different barts throughout the whole day! I arrive to airport an hour later and get kicked out within 10 minutes!!!!I continue my journey to Downtown San Francisco to find a nice dark spot to get some shut eye. The first bush I find reeks of two-week old piss and I keep walking as a refugee. I find a 24 hour Denny's and decide to spend the night in a booth. My body really needs some rest at this time but an African American gets in a fight with a complete stranger in the restaurant and slaps a female twice in the face which throws my sleep right out the window! The cops come storming in and after they arrest him, they come question me since I had front row seats to the brawl. I stay alert and awake all night and take the first bus at 6 am to Petaluma to a friend's house were I am staying at now. So many other things happened that I don't even want to mention. In the end, I turned out fine with only bruised ribs from carrying a box and a story I will never forget.....

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