Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Definition Isn't a bad thing

There's nothing wrong to have a little definition when it comes to working out. I signed up for body building this semester once again to try to get some results by winter. So I show up to class at about 10:45 to find the room filled with females ????. I assumed I was a bit early and continued with my stretches I learned from Sketchers(mandatory). Class began at 11 and surprisingly no males showed up. I must have been the weakest link in the room observing the softball girls were all bigger than me. I asked the coach why I was the only male there and to my surprise. I ENROLLED IN A WOMEN'S BODY BUILDING CLASS! >_<

(I got to review the new unreleased Of MOntreal album today and It didn't let me down. You'll get to hear some tracks soon when I begin my radio show)

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