Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Paul Jackson Pollock

For those who don't know who Jackson Pollock was, he was born January 28, 1912 and past away due to his alcoholism on August 11, 1956. He was an influential American painter and a major force in the abstract expressionist movement. If he was still here with us, he would be turning 97. And if you have a chance swing by


Tuesday, January 27, 2009


For, DayDay


Illa J "Yancey Boys"

Illa J will be performing a free show at Amoeba, Wednesday February 11th 7pm in Hollywood. So if you have nothing to do, i suggest you swing by Amoeba and catch this show.


Monday, January 26, 2009

St. Vincent-Marry Me

This is a similar post I did back in July of 08' but Annie Clark always leaves me speechless. "Marry Me" is both a wonderful album and song. Clark's voice is so soothing that I would want her music played at my funeral. She has the looks, the music, and basically the whole package. I highly recommend the album...

St Vincent: Marry Me from on Vimeo.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Notorious 2009

Finally! a good movie that was actually worth 11$! After Tom Cruise stole my money for Valkyrie and while the Unborn left me Un-entertained, Notorious was actually legit.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beirut, "La Llorona"

The Battle at the Berrics

Steve Berra and Eric Koston make a perfect team together. With each others help, they have created a private-invite only skatepark. They call it "the berrics" and if you want to see a glimpse of the park, you can log on to
I've been hooked on it for the past week and Wednesdays with Reda is complete entertainment. The website dedicates each day to a particular topic. Today being Thursday in all, the website will be having "Throwaway Thursdays".There's also a huge skateboarding competition going on called You can go to the website and see the standings and watch every round that has happened so far. Here's a really good match between a personal favorite.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kenzo Hakuta presents City of God’s Son

Kenzo Hakuta has gained recognition as a graffiti artist, deejay and hip hop mix-tape producer. He has also directed TI$A video "Vote Obama", as well as "Stand With Me" with Merri Ben Ari. City of God's Son will be featuring Nas, Jay Z, Biggie Smalls, Delroy Lindo, Ghostface, Raekwon, Samuel L. Jackson, and Laurence Fishburne.


“Brace Yourself” January 18th 2009

In this video, LeBron speaks of following his first passion which leaves the door wide open as rumors begin to swirl. What can it be?


Monday, January 12, 2009

An Eluardian Instance

Probably my favorite song of "Skeletal Lamping". Really nice love song about Kevin and Nina. Of Montreal never lets me down when it comes to creativity. Barnes is already working on the next album which will have a lot more noise he says. I read somewhere, that while Barnes was riding in taxi cab, the music the driver was listening to was noisy and distorted which gave Barnes the idea for the next album. I didn't think "Hissing Fauna" could be topped, but apparently I was wrong. I'll have to wait and see if I get proven wrong again.

Of Montreal ~ An Eluardian Instance (2008) Dir: Jesse Ewles from jesse ewles on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ninjasonic with Tight Pants

I can't count how many remixes have been made to the song Negative Thinking by the Death-Set. You can see that the band has very close supportive friends as they appear in almost every video they make. This remix happens to be about wearing tight pants. Tight pants for me goes way back to my freshman year of High School. The support they provide and the "steeloh"(style) they give off, makes the girls begging for more.

Negative Thinking mp3
(copy, paste below)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Ninos De La Tierra

So it's been planned to go catch the Unborn later on today. Just by watching the trailer, I don't know what to expect. If I'm not mistaking, I think I saw a dog and a guy with their heads facing downward in opposite sides and crawling around like spiders! I'll let you know if the movie is worth watching and if there's any appearances by Satan or el chupacabras. I'm crossing my fingers to see a glimpse of some

This goes out to all the Playapimps pimp'n out there, enjoy.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mayer Hawthorne and the County

Since this will be my first entry, I'm going to start it off with some Mayer Hawthorne. Why Mayer Hawthorne? You have too start strong. You know, to draw people in and stuff. So without any further or do.......


Monday, January 5, 2009

2009's New Clam

It's a new year and changes are promised to happen.I want to thank all the viewers who have taken their time to check the blog all last year. 2009 will only get better as the clams start jammin with new material. Without further or do, I present you my partner in crime Bryan Lozano aka BIG BAD TIDO LOKO as the new blogger for this site.
Name:Bryan Lozano Age:19
Occupation:Ice Cream Artist/H20 technician/Ts Dealer

1.First album that you purchased as a youngster.
B:Funny story, my mom used to get catalogs that had different kinds of genres of music that allowed to pick certain amount of Cd's for a special price. You would get deals like 5 albums for 20$ and such. One of those times my mom let my brother and I pick a Cd from the catalog. I chose Jay-Z's "the Dynasty" and my little brother picked Xzibit's "Restless"n which I still own to this day.
D:How old were you when you ordered the album?
B: Fourth or Fifth grade laughter* now remembering,I really began listening to music about this time. I remember playing Tony Hawk 1 for Playstation back in 99' and listening to Limp Bizkit's "Significant Other" at my babysitter's house. I remember him having an older sister that was Now, that I think about it, it really was my babysitter who introduced me to the things I'm doing today. As I was moving away from Ontario to Fontana, California, it was him who gave me a going away present which happened to be a skateboard. Thanks to him I was introduced to a new way of living.
2.Name some of your early music influences that got you to listening to what your listeing today?
B: The way I see it, you don't go out finding music, the music finds you. First, it began with Jay-Z.
D:What made you pick the Jay-Z album?
B:It was a small selection and I ended up picking the Cd for the name and the album art. I began with Hip-Hop and it began there. My mom later got me a Will Smith "Millenium" laughter* I ended buying "Stankonia" from Outkast and still remember playing B.O.B loud as hell on my mom's big ass speakers. I would get complaint's from my neighbors. From there, friends from the block introduced me to what's called alternative rock. I met a good friend of mine and got into the punk/ska music.As time passed I realised that the music you listen to is influenced by the friends that you chill with. 8th grade was when I was introduced to the Underground Hip-Hop thanks to my friends "Meck" from Pasadena.
D: Can you name some of the Underground Hip-Hop artists that you were listening to?
B:Visionaries,2mex,Black Star, Jedi Mind Tricks,Necro, to Ill Bill,Vortex,Tech-Nine,Mf Doom...tec i can go on and on. Then I met you, which happened to listen to a complete different type of music. I got a personal computer two years ago and the rest is history.Still surfing the web with XP.
3.What's your most valuable possession to you?
B: My computer and Itunes and hopefully this blog.
4.Favorite Cereal of all time and why?
B:It has to be Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Why? because i can finally afford it.
5.What artist do you think will come out on top this year?
B:Charles Hamilton, Of Montreal, Blue Print 3, Pac Div, Dom Kennedy, Cory Guns, Oh and Dre if he drops his album. Mayer Hawthorne if he continues to put up his material.
6.Have you ever broken a bone? if so, how?
B: I have never broke a bone. And I've only bled once through my nose.
D: What!? You mean to tell me that you've never bled trough your nose?! You remind me of the guy from "Unbreakable".
B:laughing* the only time I ever bled through my nose was last year when I had a runny nose. I blew out my nose and began bleeding for the first time in my life through my nose.
D: That's so weird
B: Yeah I know
7.What do you do in your spare time?
B:I don't know if I can tell you my brother might log on and read this. Nothing to exciting, just surf the web a lot. For the real story hit me up on aim at "Lozanoo12".
8.Are you single?
B:And ready to mingle.
D:That was quick
B:That's we she said
9.What was your New Year's Resolution?
B:Stop smoking cigarettes.
D:How you doing without them?
B:It's been five days but It's been hitting me. I want to start hitting this blog up though.
10. Any final words?
B:Thank you Day Day and pimp's on top.
D: Thank you