Thursday, October 27, 2011

Youth Lagoon-July

 I like how the song first was all smooth and mellow while I wast trying to distinguish what U.S. State Trevor Powers has tattooed on his left arm. I think it Okla, but It might be something else. It might be something completely unrelated like an alligator swimming in a lagoon???? Regardless, of what it is, the music that comes from both hands is mystical. Trevor's explains how his music writing is influenced by the abnormal anxiety that he has prevailed in life. Youth Lagoon is currently on FAT POSSUM RECORDS and will be touring the states. The band has a scheduled date in San Fran on November 1st at the "Bottom of the Hill" which I  might have to attend if I enjoy the rest of The Year of Hibernation

A Father's Love For His Disabled Son

 This story touched me too much and I want to share it with you guys. My mom once told me that a mother's love towards a child is unmeasurable. This father is true man who received a gift and stood by his boy at all times. This story is very inspirational and shows the support and love of family. In life, everything is possible if you out your mind to it.

Friday, October 21, 2011

2pac-Dear Momma

Like 2pac would say WEST SIDE!

 I got mad luv for my momma.


Implant piercings are disgusting!

Beverly Johnson
Gots to go to the piercing shop to take out an implant and possibly put it rite back in, fkn sucks its gonna hurt :( I need someone to bite :o
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Michael Sandoval Over here?
3 hours ago · Like
Sofia Peraza I want to take my implant out much are they charging u?
3 hours ago · Like
Jhonny Rodriguez dam
3 hours ago · Like
Candy Rangel Ill let yu know Sofia :)
3 hours ago · Like
Candy Rangel Why do yu wanna take yurs out ??
3 hours ago · Like
Sofia Peraza Cuz its on my face. And I don't want it anymore.
3 hours ago · Like
Mayra Rangel Sofi urs looks cute :(
2 hours ago · Like
Sofia Peraza Thanks Mayra. But I'm like over it. :/
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

David Bowie-Life on Mars

I'm honored to be named after a god like BOWIE. I think I found my skating song for my next part. The crazy twist is that I still haven't seeing Labyrinth!