Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mariposa & Halloween Swim Team

I can't think of a better week to start school again that to have a show here at Sonoma State. First, I have to say that Pack of Wolves wasn't my cup of tea. On the other hand, both, HWT and Mariposa impressed me in different ways.


For my first time actually listening to Mariposa, these guys were great! Seriously, both guys have real music talent. I caught myself spacing out and watching the drummer do his thing. It's just one of those guys who knows what he is doing. His partner, played his guitar like a baby getting his first toy. Nonetheless, I really dug Mariposa's set and you should definitely check these guys out.

Halloween Swim Team

fucking weird!

I was familiar with these guys from back home and it was nice having a little piece of Southern California come up. I got to meet these guys throughout the night and I have to say that their real "down to earth" guys. Their set was a little different than what I was expecting since their drummer was was out due to a wrist injury. Though, with three synthesizers, the trio were able to make a kid have a seizure in the middle of their set(no joke). If you live around the La/IE area, you should really go your way to see a glimpse of the Swim Team.

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Dustin said...

Thanks for the kind words David. It was great to see you guys!