Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friendship Surgery...robbed

This past week has been a big disappointment for the dorm. Sonoma State has an event called the Campus Movie Fest every year were they hand out cameras and macs for a week to make a five minute film. Last year we took best comedy with the epic "The Day I Decided to Become a Robot and Kill Everyone" video...

Pretty legit right?
This year I convinced my roommate and good friend, Kyle Britto

to gets gets hands dirty(literally) and defend our title. For five days, Kyle had no life and wrote the matrix with this video . Honestly, Friedship Surgery was top five of the 16 films shown but for some odd reason, it didn't get awarded in any category. It's a little fishy that the videos that won had some of the judges in part of their videos.
That prize should have been delivered to us without no question. Apparently, the video was to gruesome for a couple of P&%@#@*. Nonetheless, here's the video that should have one......but didn't


iowanick said...

haha, dude i had no idea you were a part of the film last year. i was on that committee since i was interning at ASP, i'm pretty sure i gave that one a solid score. i bet people freaked out with the surgery haha.

Spurned Negro said...

That was a pretty funny movie. Kyle and Bryce had some hilarious lines.

Maybe you guys would have won if a certain Black kid would have been included. Then they would have had to give you guys something. Oh, well!