Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Water Your Plants!

It's been a while since I've hit the theaters but this past Monday, Edward's won the best of me as very good friend of mine who is terrified of scary movies finally had the "cajones" to watch a rated R movie. I remember watching the trailer and goosebumps were attacking my arm after. Here's the short trailer M. Night The movie is now playing in a theater near you.Now if I was a movie critic I would have to give it a thumbs up with my left and a thumbs down with my right. The movie had horrible acting but the action was insane. It has a very well awareness message that the world can relate to. By the end of the movie, you'll think twice of watering your plants and grass. I have to say that this movie reminds me of the Holocaust due to the large quantity of people dying. I guarantee you that your mouth will drop at least five times during the film. If you have 10.50$ to spare, go watch "The Happening" plus a white kid getting blasted by a shotgun (awesome). PS: Don't eva' trust any ol lady that goes by the name of Ms. Jones!

One more thing! For all you Marvel fans. The rumors are true, the Avengers is being made as you read this!chika chika yeeaah

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mondo's musicbox said...

the avengers movie is on the table, but no work has been started. maybe a script is in the works, but we really won't see anything serious until the thor movie hits post production.