Sunday, June 22, 2008

Inside Man Part2

Disappointment, anger, and pity was probably what Denzel felt when he got cheated and humiliated in the movie "Inside Man". It turns out that some people have brains when it comes to robbery and crime. I learned this personally, as (excuse the language) a white trash couple outsmarted the Subway crew yesterday night. I'll get to the story in second but I just can't understand why people do this for a living. Darwin introduced the theory "survival of the fittest" but this is beyond having better camouflage or the sharpest beak. I hope these people enjoy the luxury of 45$ because I believe in a little thing called Karma.

what happened.......

About 5:20pm a middle aged caucasian woman comes in to purchase a cookie with a 50$ dollar bill marked with sharpie spelling out "Happy Birthday".

20 minutes later I'm helping a male caucasian acting really abnormal and shaky if you asked me. He orders a veggie delight and hands me a "rolled" 5$ dollar bill. I give him his change which comes out to be a dollar with one cent. He leaves the premises with a plan.

20 minutes pass the same man comes storming in to Subway demanding his "correct" change. He begins to make a scene and preaches that he gave me a 50$ dollar bill instead of a 5$.

I did what any Subway employee would do and stayed "fresh" as the food. I stood my ground and told him that I never received any 50$ dollar bill from him and if he had a problem to feel free to call my manager. He refused and wanted his money right away and I could tell his nervous system was getting the best of him.

One of my coworkers begins to panic but I stand ground. The criminal says "my grandma gave me that bill for my birthday, you can check your cash drawer and you will find a 50$ dollar bill that says "Happy Birthday". Thanks to his "titdirt" accomplice earlier dropping of the bait, we find the bill and come to a stop as we are defeated and give him his change.We sure learned this lesson in crime.

Lightspeed Champion tonight!

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