Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Birth of the Clam

Hello everyone,

This will be my first entry in my very first blog. Thanks to youtube and google, anything is possible since I'm not very good with computers. I'm going to dedicate some of my time every week and post random posts about life,college, and most importantly, music. Before I go on, I want to introduce myself to anyone who is taking their time reading this. I'm nineteen year old boy who doesn't drive a car or own a cell phone. My parents crib stays in a city called Fontana known for it's raceway(Jeff Gordon). I attend Sonoma State University in Northern California were the weather is "hella" perfect. I used to be part of a radio station called Ksun and together with a very good friend formed Fwendtalk(myspace). My life is nothing too special because I do what every 19 year old boy does at his time which composes of skateboarding, an ipod, and working at a fast food restaurant(Subway). I have a few ideas for the future for this blog and will try my best to make it worth while and make your fingers type in

Lighstpeed Champion is playing in Pomona on Sunday and I'm 100% sure I'm going to attend, so expect a blog filled with pictures and the review of the show of course. If you have heard Dev Hynes' wonderful harmonies, I highly reccommend clicking this link in Lightspeed


It's a boy-NO! it's a girl-NO! IT'S A CLAM!!!!


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fourthieves said...

David, congrats on your blog.
I just want to know I'm proud of you... again, congrats.