Thursday, July 15, 2010

Texts of the Week

1.u left ur blak pouch & camera in my car
2.but i want a cigarette
3.what am i supposed to do ma! theres no accounts i cant get on! im fienin! pretty sure babydicks gonna get a ride over here in a bit. so you can get us bth from my pad, im pretty excited to go tonight
5.ahahhaah shut up queer, wats popping for the weekend beside your head.

1.I want my fucking rematch on mortal kombat soon puto.
2.This week. come through.ur crib needs some joke. all stuffy and shit. ill give you a good deal.phuck phil.check my site
3.Nah man.U came back and fucked me up
4.Whatafuck. tobacco is wacko.i got herb

5.tell me why y my uncle just whispered "grim reaper" when i passed by

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