Monday, March 9, 2009

WHY? is Why So Great?

I absolutely love EVERYTHING the Oakland band-Why? creates. I mean that when I say that. Alopecia was easily one of the best albums of last year and is still standing strong. I highly,deeply,profoundly! reccomend WHY? for anyone. Their lyrics are so strange that sometimes makes you skip back and check if that was really said. Here's a special treat for all of ya that haven't hear this band. AMazang!!!!!!!!!!!

Why?-Rubber Traits

(Unfold an oragami death mask
and cut my DNA with rubber traits
Pull apart the double helix like a wishbone
Always be working on a suicide note)...............WOW

Why?-By Torpedo or Chrohn's



Halow said...

I agree there fucking good, ever since i heard after school america i was hooked

Anonymous said...

yeaaah they're amazing. I've been really impressed with everything ive heard from them.

Anonymous said...

In Berlin I saw two men fuck
in the dark corner of a basketball court.
Just a slight jangle of pocket change pulsing.