Friday, March 6, 2009

Sin Nombre

Coming out next Friday in limited release!

(MS 13 is considered the most dangerous gang in the US) google it

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stephanie lesley said...

Dang that movie looks good. I like movies like that. Ugh i saw watchmen last night. I wanted to die. 3 hrs of torture. I wish you would of did a review before i saw that piece of shit. I told my bf im going to the rest room and spent half an hour washing my hands with hot water and drying them with the dryer because i was cold and bored and pulling out my hair. Man, when am i getting in on this blog? I have alot of ideas. I promise i just wont post a picture and or video without any context. hahaha. DAvid! - The girl from the CH :)

btw i dont remember my blogger name.