Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gucci Mane-The Movie

Man, what a a summer 2010 has been. Gotta say it out more positive than negative. A lot more +. Unemployment had my pockets filled with moths but that didn't hold me back from having a fucking blast. Really got to hang with the homies, relaxed at home, toked a bunch of herb, and even took a summer school class at Chaffey College. Saw a few shows over summer with Wavves coming up this Friday. School is around the corner and I'm psyched for the last semester in college where I'm going to be living with my homies from Freshmen year. WAAAAAAHoooo! One of those homies will be getting taught how to edit film which means their's potential for my own show here on the site soon to come!!!!I'm thinking maybe "CLAMS SCANS" Time will only tell but in the mean time, GUCCI can take it away

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