Sunday, August 15, 2010

Abe Vigoda/Wavves

Crazy night!

Friday was so dope in P-Town as eight bands took the glass stage for only ten dollars! Now that's a deal with toady's economy! The only downside was the low batteries I had on my camera which died throughout the night which explains the low quality pictures.

We entered the venue right on time to hear Abe Vigoda's new jams from their new album "Crush" coming out in September. I like Ave Vigoda. Their music is unique with catchy guitar riffs that will unexpectedly give you a stiff boner. Abe Vigoda has been playing around the I.E./LA area for quite some time now and it doesn't seem like these guys are going to stop any time as they will tour over seas.

Wavves was everything I expected. Nathan and his crew played a various songs from Post Acid and a couple of older songs including Weed Demon. I've read that Nathan can be a scum bag at times and Barcelonians would probably agree but personally, I like the guy. During the show there was a couple of hecklers who were screaming banters and talking shit to Nathan so I decided to throw some herbalies as a welcoming treat and he seemed pretty grateful. After the show I ended up in the back alley and scored a VIP bracelet. I ended up going to the back and sharing a bowl for the soul with my weed with who else other than Wavves! The guys were pretty down to earth and Nathan wasn't a douche bag. Fucking crazy asss night.

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