Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Unicorn Ivory

This past Sunday was a day with tragedy and euphoria all in 24 hours. After two years of being my slave and always giving me music on demand, my Ipod sadly went to Ipod heaven.I was down in the dumps the rest of the day as depression was getting the best of me. At about 6:00, I found myself holding back tears on my fat friend's couch. I have to admit that I have some pretty good friends as they agreed to make a song dedicated for my Ipod. We wrote some lyrics on a napkin and made a song within minutes. At about 6:10pm, Unicorn Ivory was officially a band thanks to Youtube.

The lineup

Guitar/Vocals-Bryant Merino
Synthesizer-Bryan Lozano
Bass-David Ortiz

Here's our first single "My Ipod"

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