Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cut of Your Hands BME Pain Olympic style

Have you ever been on a band's myspace and your scrolling down trying to find the comment you left minutes ago when your eye catches another band with a catchy band name? Well that's exactly how I ran into Cut Off Your Hands. I listened to "You an I" and from that moment on, I became a fan. I was scheduled to go see them live with "We Are Scientists", but when I showed up, COYH was replaced with Oakland's finest "the Morning Benders". Anyways, If your not familiar with the hit song "oh girl", I highly recommend to do whatever is possible to get hold of the track. It just one of those songs that can't escape the repeat button.You'll have to wait until fall when their debut album hit the racks. Here's the video for "Expectations" that was roaming around the space.


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