Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wavves-King of the Beach

I've heard from multiple sources that Nathan Williams from the band Wavves van be a douce bag.

Quote: I can see why? "I do it for myself, i don't know if that's sounds selfish but i want to make songs that sound cool to me".

The San Diegan native, will be releasing thier new LP titled "King of the Beach". The new jams are supposed to sound a lot more clear to where you can actually hear the lyrics.With the help of professional record producer Dennis Herring from Sweet Tea Recording studio in Oxford, Minnesota. Wavves is a love/hate situation for many listeners. Personally, listening to Weed Demon late at night in pitch dark down a creek set the mood for a horror movie. Well see if Wavves can produce some sound "wavves" that make love for my ears.

http://vimeo.com/12225712 from Pete Ohs on Vimeo.

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