Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Girl With Violent Arms

Do you like the LA band Health? Do you like the funky beats from Dan Deacon? If you answered yes to both those questions then you'll definitely like The Girl With Violent Arms. A solo project that consists of a 23 year old cancer researcher that likes to tap pedals,twist knobs, and make NOISE! Coming from the Inland Empire out of Colton, TGWVA ended up traveling to Northern California to work on his second album called "The Sun Will Swallow Me Whole" that will be released soon on the LA record label How To Be A Microwave. I got the chance to see the "the girl" play about a week ago aaaaand I liked what I heard. The set was short, but entertaining, as I watched songs get created before my eyes. Literraly, the guy would plug a microphone, make a crazy noise, record that shit, unplug the mic, and replug his base and start jamming. I highly recommend to log on to the space and check out the song---> Central Nervous System


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