Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bro Rape...on the rise

So last night I was hanging out with my friends; at their friends house. I hope that made sense. Nothing to special happened until phone calls were dialed and unexpected people showed up. Who am I referring to you may ask? At about midnight when the moon was high up in the sky, approximately 15 "bros" raided the backyard and had us surrounded. I've seen the video below which gave me the advantage knowing what these"bros" were up to. I stayed calm the first half an hour until one of them approached our circle and left a 32 pack of beer for all of us to drink. Who does that? Who leaves beer they payed for for other people to drink? A nice guy maybe, but clearly not in this case. I tried to warn the people around me but I believe they were unaware of what was watching them. As soon as I smelled axe body spray in the air, I found the nearest exit and walked home. I found out this morning that others weren't so lucky as me......To my viewers, please be aware of this sickening act of "Bro Rape" and take care your anus.

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